†▲welcome to my freakshow▲†
i'm a very Nice person until you piss me off. i like pale stuff and white pictures. i can see the beautiful things in the most indifferent things. if i should choose between humans or animals i would choose animals. i love night and hate day. i drink so much coffee that it can't be healthy. i'm tall and skinny with emerald green eyes. tattoos and pierciengs are the most beautiful art ever created. my age? i've got bored with it so i've quit counting.

drythroats and I at a kissing booth.
Anonymous asked: Usually im not into Music on blogs but i have your tumblr open just to listen to the Music. Its pretty amazing (scary Sometimes though)

I Didn’t wanted to have Music on it since alot of People hate it but yeah. Tumblr is funnier to have when you do whatever you Want With it. I once Also only reblogged creepy-cute Stuff because it matched my theme.
But thank you very much.
I’m really glad you Like it.

"failed again, failed again"